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spot the blue dot. Welcome to the pilot iteration of FRAT — hFACTOR's biennial FRinge Art Festival in collaboration with Inês Valle — that engages exisitng platforms, namely Lagos Fashion Week, LagosPhoto, and ART X Lagos, to question preconceived notions of creative possibilities. In the 2018 edition, we bring you a selection of activities that foster deep interactions with multi-disciplinary artists through showcases of their work under our 2018 "Animal Welfare" theme with loose transitions to 2019's "LGBTQ/Human Rights" theme. The chief aim within each showcase and experience is to explore the spontaneous creativity and enjoyment that comes from visitors and locals traversing the often neglected gems Lagos offers as a global city.


23 - 28 Oct. | Tuesday - Sunday

One Stop Ink Shop

2.00pm - 10.00pm + 16/16

16 Kofo Abayomi Street,
Flat 16, 8th Floor

Tattoo artist, Elie (@eaink13) will be with us at 16/16 from 2.00pm to 10.00pm. Come get inked and grab a drink.

Give us a call at 01-6321307,
or walk-in to book your ink appointment.

25th Oct. | Thursday

Fashion Week Festivities

7.00pm - 11.00pm + 16/16

16 Kofo Abayomi Street,
Flat 16, 8th Floor

Come enjoy Fashion Week festivities from our perch on the 8th floor.

By invitation only.

26th Oct. | Friday

Fashion Week Sessions 3.0

9.00pm - Late + IAMISIGO

16 Karimu Kotun Street,
1st Floor

IAMISIGO’s bi-annual fashion week party will take place the night before her runway show at Lagos Fashion Week 2018.

By invitation only.

27th Oct. | Saturday

IAMISIGO Runway Show
Lagos Fashion Week
with Masks by Chioma Ebinama

7.00pm + LFW

Prince Alaba Oniru Way, VI

This series of mask pieces is a collaboration between IAMISIGO and NY-based artist, Chioma Ebinama. The masks draw from masquerade culture and represent the merging of archaic and contemporary values within the Nigerian context. After the IAMISIGO runway showcase, an exhibition of these masks will take place at the IAMISIGO showroom on the 1st of November, from 2.00pm onwards.

hFACTOR Late Night Special (LagosPhoto) and DJ Party

27th Oct. Sat. 9.30pm + hFACTOR

26 Moloney St., Lagos Island

Join LagosPhoto at hFACTOR as they launch this satellite venue with an exhibition by Kwena Chokoe and Karl Ohiri. Then, join us on the hFACTOR rooftop for a DJ orgy with San Gabriel (Germany), Carmen Hogg (Netherlands), Issimo (Nigeria) and Vybez (Nigeria).

28th Oct. | Sunday

One Stop Ink Shop
16/16 Closing x FRAT Special Animal Welfare Tattoos

2.00pm - 10.00pm + 16/16

16 Kofo Abayomi Street,
Flat 16, 8th Floor

Join tattoo artist Elie (@eaink13) on the last of his tattoo residency at 16/16. Special FRAT tattoos edition - collaborative animal designs with hFACTOR’s artists. Get a unique tattoo of your beloved pet, spirit or wild inner animal.

30 Oct. - 3 Nov.

One Stop Ink Shop  

12.00pm to 6.00pm + hFACTOR

26 Moloney St., Lagos Island

hFACTOR is excited to host the tattoo artist Elie (@eaink13) on his first residency tour through Lagos’ creative spaces. He will be inking from 12.00 to 6.00pm. Come in to talk, get inked and even to enjoy a drink at our new space.

To book an appointment,
call 08035625437 or walk-in!

31st Oct. | Wednesday

Juju Party  

9.00pm - late + hFACTOR

26 Moloney St., Lagos Island

Come enjoy 'Alloween, hFACTOR-style with our in-house DJs!

1st Nov. | Thursday

“Gods of the Wilderness”  
Chioma Ebinama 
Art and Cocktails  

2.00pm onwards + IAMISIGO

26 Moloney St., Lagos Island

Join us at the opening of “Gods of the Wilderness,” a collaboration between Bubu Ogisi and NY-based artist, Chioma Ebinama. This collaboration is born from a mutual appreciation for the pre-colonial belief systems and traditions of Nigeria. The continual struggle of the post-colonial identity is how to shape a vision of Nigeria that is forward facing without neglecting our rapidly fading cultural histories. Is there a way for the archaic and modern to coexist? The masquerade is of particular interest because they are centered around values that are rapidly in decline in the age of hyper-consumption and globalization: empathy, community, compassion and ecological responsibility. These masquerade masks play with the techniques of traditional mask construction and marry them with the contemporary work of IAMISIGO.

2nd Nov. | Friday

#FRATours 1: Lagos Island  
Art and Cocktails  

From happy hours to sunset cocktails.
This tour promises to be informative and boozy!

2.00pm: Happy Hour at Thai Thai,
16 Kofo Abayomi Street, 2nd Floor

4pm: Keke Ride to Lagos Island,
hFACTOR, 26 Moloney Street

4:30pm: NancyWHO?! Pop Up
& The Streetlights Collective
24 Moloney Street

5:00pm: Keke Tour of Lagos Island with highlights by Hamin of The Streetlights Collective

6:30pm: Sunset Drinks at the hFACTOR Rooftop

3rd Nov. | Saturday

Time is of Essence  

5.00pm + 24 Moloney Street, rooftop (go inside the unfinished building and find the staircase that leads to the 2nd level).

LagosPhoto Closing Party in collaboration with the Streetlights Collective. Using visuals developed during LagosPhoto workshops, works by the artists, and contemporary acoustic works by the Streetlights Collective, we hope to combine forms of art making towards producing spontaneous outcomes.

4th Nov. | Sunday

#FRATours 2: Art X Lagos  

This tour is primarily to give a few members of the community in Lagos Island, the chance to experience Art X Lagos. It will feature a tour of the fair grounds and access to a talk that day.


Bubu Ogisi (Lagos, Nigeria)

Carmen Hogg (Netherlands)

Chioma Ebinama (New York, USA)

Elie Akkary (Beirut, Lebanon)

Hamin (Lagos, Nigeria)

Issimo (Lagos, Nigeria)

San Gabriel (Germany)

Vybez (Lagos, Nigeria)


Inês Valle
Inês Valle

Inês Valle is a transcultural curator, art consultant, researcher, arts writer, artist and photographer, specializing in Aboriginal contemporary arts and culture, global curating, international social engaged art practices, art and communities, and in intercultural dialogues.

Inês has initiated and participated in several projects that aim to stimulate a global understanding of the ‘other’, not to insert or present alternatives to dominant hegemonic narratives but to interrupt, interrogate and investigate the effects and possibilities of the unheard and the omitted ones.

Valle holds a BA in Visual Arts, specializing in Painting, Photography and Video-documentary and a MA in Curatorial Studies both at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. She also holds an MA from the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Inês is founder and curator of “the Cera Project” (since April 2016), a transcultural exchange platform that stimulates a dialogue in art, music, sound, performance, culture and science with and about the southern hemisphere’s narratives. She is also co-founder and curator of the N’WE Collective.

Previously she has worked as Curatorial Consultant at TAFETA (August 2014), art curator NR PROJECT (London, UK), Omenka Gallery/ Ben Enwonwu Foundation (Lagos, NG), Assistant Curator at Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Canberra, AU), Curator & Producer Assistant at Centro Cultural Belem (CCB, Lisbon, PT) and Curator Assistant at CDAP (Lisbon, PT).

hFACTOR collective

hFACTOR is a social enterprise born out of a simple ethos that anything is possible through creative collaboration. Found in February, 2018, the collective primarily transforms underutilized spaces into creative hubs, and engages local communities and artists to build valuable products, services, and experiences. 2018 engagements have led to the setup of our 26 Moloney space in the heart of Lagos Island, which features a multi-purpose flat on the second floor and a rooftop space with panoramic views of Lagos Island. Since inception in May, the space has hosted over 20 activities including art exhibitions, screenings, DJ showcasess, pop-up, live performances, jam sessions, dinner and cocktail parties. We also conducted a residency during Chale Wote in Ghana, and setup an Art Exhbition under our "Animal Welfare" theme at the Container Gallery in Osu, Accra.

Separately, community engagement activities have led to building two emerging brands in the lagos Island community, namely "Streetlights Collective", a group of musical talents who inhabit a repurposed uncompleted building to craft and record their music and host live events; and "NancyWHO?!", a permanent vintage clothing pop-up, who sources used clothing from around Lagos. Working with these brands has led to improved structures around each of their activities, and increase in their earnings potential.



Agnes Atsuah, hFACTOR Manager

Bubu Ogisi

Dolapo Osunsina

Inês Valle, Curator


Osione Itegboje

Tushar Hathiramani





Thai Thai

Special Thanks

Aleruchi Cookey-Gam

Kike & Irede Ajala

Kayode Adegbola


Musa Ganiyy

Olajide Bello

Osahon Akpata

Oyinda Ademulua

Remi Okunlola

Sanya Hathiramani

Uzoma Anumudu

The "blue dot" motif was designed by Chioma Ebinama.

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